• Continuous improvement in our service delivery
  • Sustainable Industrialization, Modernized Agriculture and Human Capital Development
  • The creation of an enabling environment for socio-economic development
  • Empowerment of women and other vulnerable groups to participate in governance and the Assembly’s development agenda
  • The protection and promotion of Public Health and the prevention of diseases
  • Provision of information in an open and transparent manner
  • Creation of conducive environment for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in our service delivery to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Compilation of a comprehensive socio-economic database that will be accessible to the public
  • Readily accessible information on all activities of the Assembly



  • All office doors are marked to facilitate easy identification.
  • Friendly Client Service Officers will be on hand to provide various services.
  • Assembly staff are also available to provide professional support services.
  • All well trained Development Control Task Force will visit various construction sites to ensure compliance of building regulations.
  • Courteous Revenue Collectors with Tags will go round daily to collect various rates.



The Assembly expects full co-operation and compliance with its rules and regulations and procedures to ensure smooth service delivery. To access any of the services we provide:

  • Business should be duly registered with Registrar General Department and the District Assembly.
  • Prompt payment of Property Rates, Business Operating Permits and Basic Rates.
  • Rate payers are entreated to pay approved sums and collect receipts covering amounts paid.
  • Prompt report of unauthorized development, illegal connection.
  • Active participation in all communal labour activities at the community level.
  • Active participation in the various community level education programmes on sanitation, hygiene, revenue collection and town hall meetings
  • Avoidance of littering of all forms and report those that litter
  • Developers are entreated to produce valid development permits
  • Strict compliance with by-laws of the Assembly




  • You can lodge your enquiry or complaints at our Clients Service or by contacting our hotline on Sampson Samuel Darkwa – 0246447022
  • We aim to acknowledge and respond to your written communication within Seven (7) working days
  • Our suggestion box has been placed at a conspicuous location to take your suggestions on daily basis and we commit to providing feedback within 5 workings days upon receipt
  • If we cannot fully provide an answer to your query within that specified time, we will provide you an interim response and advise you as to when a final response could be expected.
  • We aim to investigate your complaint, provide you with the proposed action to solve it, and seek your feedback about the proposed action within seven working days of receiving your complaint.
  • We aim to follow up with you on the executed actions, to make sure it has been executed within the specified period and seeking feedback about the final result.
  • If you are not satisfied with the proposed action, we will provide you with the right to raise a grievance to the office of the Presiding Member.