All Departments, Units and Agencies must, as a minimum, meet the following service standards:

  • Serve citizens promptly and courteously at all service delivery points.
  • Provide friendly and helpful service;
  • Help service users make the right choices in accessing services;
  • Provide appropriate signage and information desks;
  • Answer calls promptly;
  • Respond to queries and complaints promptly;
  • Respond to mail and email correspondence promptly;
  • Resolve customer complaints fairly, consistently and promptly;
  • Encourage service users to make suggestions on how to better the services offered.


We shall strive to provide the following services within the specified time frame.

Issuance of Building permits Within thirty days (a month)
Preparation and approval of planning schemes/layout Within six (6) Months or one year depending on the size of the settlement
Issuance of Business Operating Licenses Instant Services after payment of required fees
Issuance of Birth Certificate Under 1 year (1Day)

Above 1 year (1 Month)

Issuance of Death Certificate Newly deceased (1 Day) Already buried
Issuance of food vendors certificate (1 Month)-Instant Service
Feedback on Complaints Lodged Five (5) working days upon receipt
Feedback on Correspondences Seven (7) working days upon receipt
Ambulance Service Instant after a distress call
Fire Service Instant after a distress call
Police Service (Normal/Patrols) Instant after a distress call