• Exercising political and administrative authority
  • Controlling, regulating, inspecting, supervising, licensing of premises upon which any profession, occupation, trade or business is carried.
  • Issuance of Building permits.
  • Marriage, Divorce, Births & Deaths registration.
  • Issuance of Business Operating Licenses.
  • Approval of planning schemes/layouts.
  • Development Control (orderly physical development of settlements)
  • Waste Management.
  • Revenue Mobilization.
  • Fixing of Rates/Fees/Fines.
  • Providing basic Socio-Economic Infrastructure, including Schools, Markets, Water, Lorry Parks, Institutional Toilets and Roads, CHPS Compound/ Health Facility.
  • Promoting local economic development.
  • Collaborate with the relevant National and Local Security Agencies to maintain security and public safety.

The Assembly shall be the authority to carry out and execute within its District the provisions of :

  • The Auction sales Act, 1998 (PNDC Law 230)
  • The Liquor Licensing Act, 1970 (Act 331)
  • The Control and Prevention of Bush Fires Act 1990 (PNDC Law 229)
  • The Section 296 of Criminal Offence Act, 1960 (Act 29) in respect of stray animals.